District 6 

Communities Represented by District 6
White Horse
La Plant
Agency/ Swift Bird 


Tribal Council Representative (2)
Tuffy Thompson 
Ronald Rousseau

District Council 
Amber LeBeau, Chairwoman
Richard Smith, Secretary 


WHITE HORSE: White Horse was named after the Lakota headman, White Horse. 


LA PLANT: La Plant was named after Fred La Plant, a well-known half-breed Lakota who operated a large livestock ranch about five miles west of the town of Virgin Creek.

PROMISE:Promise was named for an early Lakota Episcopal minister whose name Wahoyapi, meaning "once called.” But which was translated by an interpreter as Promise.

BLACKFOOT: This community was named after one of the four Lakota bands that were in the area of the reservation and located at the far northeast corner.

AGENCY/SWIFTBIRD: Swift Bird was named after the Lakota headman, Swift Bird. The community sits on a bluff about 2 miles from the Old Agency. The Old Cheyenne River Agency along the Missouri River was flooded in 1958 by the Oahe Dam.