Environmental Protection Department 

16604 243rd Ave. 

P.O. Box 590

Eagle Butte, SD 57625

Office Phone: (605) 964-6558

(605) 964-6559

(605) 964-6560

Office Fax: (605) 964-1072

Website: www.crstepd.org

Mission: To protect human health, the environment, and our natural resources. 

Vision: Develop the framework necessary to achieve an overall redevelopment strategy that will ensure the Tribe's environment and natural resources are protected for current and future use. 

Services: Currently, the DENR consists of four programs: General Assistance Program (GAP), 106 Water Quality Program, Brownfields Tribal Response Program (TRP), and Pesticide Circut Rider Program. These programs allow us to develop and draft codes, monitor water quality, clean up hazardous sites, and inspect pesticide use or misuse on the reservation. 



General Assistance Program (GAP): 


David D. Nelson, Director                                            Lakota S. Nordvold, Executive Assistant

dnelson@crstepd.org                                                    cnordvold@crstepd.org

106 Water Quality Program: 

Carlyle Ducheneaux, Director                                      Misty Hebb, Natural Resources Specialist 

cducheneaux@crstepd.org                                           mhebb@crstepd.org

Brandee Jewett, Natural Resource Specialist               Lonny White Eyes, Natural Resources Specialist 

bjewett@crstepd.org                                                     lwhiteeyes@crstepd.org 

Brownfields Tribal Response Program (TRP): 

Robert Smith, Coordinator



Pesticide  Circuit Rider Program: 


Kelsy Knight, Outreach Specialist                               Delbert Longbrake, Circuit Rider

kknight@crstepd.org                                                    dlongbrake@crstepd.org


Jayme Mestes, Circuit Rider