Tribal Land & Natural Resources 

221 H Street
P.O. Box 590
Eagle Butte, SD 57625

Office Phone: (605) 964-8961 / 8962
Office Fax: (605) 964-1153

Jamie White Eyes, Director

Carlee Medicine Blanket, Range Clerk
Mervin Hill, Jr., Range Tech
Brady Miller, Range Tech

Tribal Land Management Operations: Assisting our Tribal members with applications such as homesites, business/commercial sites, easement/permit requests, land exchange/partition proposals, land sale proposals, a fee to trust processes, range unit, and farm pasture management, etc. 


CRST Range Unite 305

Allotted Acres: 0.00
Tribal Acres: 3697.71
Total Acres: 3697.71

Stocking Rate: 2.5 acres per AUM
Carrying capacity: 123 Animal Unites Yearlong
Total AUM: 1, 479

2021 rental: $14, 790. 84 (payable to CRST)
2021 prep fee: $295.82 (payable to BIA)

2021 Total Payments: $15,086.66

The deadline for applications will be:
June 30th, 2021 @ 4PM

Non-Refundable Application Fee: $123.00
Cashier's Check or Money Order made payable to: 
Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe

Proof of Registered Brand must be submitted with the application

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