Office of the Tribal Secretary

P.O. Box 590

Eagle Butte, SD 57625

Phone: (605) 964-8311

FAX: (605) 964-8310

EvAnn White Feather, Tribal Secretary


"It shall be the duty of the tribal secretary to keep a true and accurate record of all matters affecting the tribal records and accounts and to render a proper accounting of such records and statistics as are required by the Tribal Council. She shall be present at all meetings of the council and shall keep an accurate record of all council proceedings, including the minutes of each special and regular meetings." 

The Tribal Secretary's Office consists of the Tribal Secretary, Assistant Tribal Secretary, Data Tech I, Data Tech II, and Research Clerk. The Tribal Secretary also oversees Central Records, Enrollment Office, Tribal Mailroom, and the Tribal Identification Office. 

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